Something different!

Sometimes a person needs to break out of their box and change things up. So rather than working on my latest APP idea or comic or piece of fine art I instead painted a fun tractor. Why a tractor….because it was interesting. We have lots of tractors in this part of the country. This piece was done using Fabrino 140lb paper (I really like this brand), ink, and watercolor. Maybe someone will like this painting or maybe not but it was a fun project.


  1. Megan Larson says:

    Nice job on this one.

  2. Nice detailed work here. Yes, tractors are fun. I’m glad you found the Fabriano paper worked for you. What kind of ink (tech pen?) did you use. I like tractors too. My son-in-law in Northern Ireland needs a new tractor. They have a brand named Fendt over there – green, gray, and red wheels.

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