My Favorite Character

Here is a new work of my one of favorite characters based on our beloved cat Jack. Sketched in pencil and then scanned. Colored in Photoshop.

I’ve really come to grips with what I want out of my art. I love to create. Earning money is nice and over the last year I earned a little from art but I’m most proud of the finished projects. More projects to come this year. I know… a little late into 2014 for a declaration of goals but hey better late then never.

This year I’m going to really focus on my drawing. If I can’t draw engaging characters and scenes then all the technical skills learned this last year are for not.

Many thanks to my awesome mentors and instructors such as Chris Oatley, Will Terry, Stan Miller, Steven Silver, and Jake Parker!



  1. Love this guy! This guy has more character than drawing realistically!! I do too much of the realism, or maybe that’s what I should stick with. Have you seen my latest two chestnut pics on Wiggio? My 10 yr. old granddaughter had a good critic comment on them when she looked at them – wow, I really had to look at them for a minute (in other words, maybe too much going on, or a bad inking job). Luckily, I took photos of them before inking and I’ll pull those into photoshop or illustrator and ink them there. At least I can erase.
    I’m also on pic 51 of the 68 for the Kindle…And how did you get your two columns here. I NEED to fix my website, and tried the other night to get the column thing, but failed…So glad you posted this. Now, how about the lady on the other side here – and what is her reaction? Is he trying to woo too hotsy totsy of a gal, or is he bringing his sick granny flowers. Has he been beaten into submission by the reigning mouse on his head? So many stories you can start here. Thanks for posting.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Virginia. I’m trying to get more personality in my line and characters. I like your chestnut characters!

    Columns are available depending on which WordPress site you choose. It will be an option.

  3. Are you working in Adobe Illustrator also?

  4. admin says:

    No. Currently I am not working in Illustrator although I have some other Vector art programs.

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