Gary’s Place: A New App from Will Terry

Will Terry's latest story App called "Gary's Place".

Will Terry’s latest story App called “Gary’s Place”.

I’ve been following Will Terry’s blog for the last year or so. Will unselfishly delivers helpful advice and updates for professionals as well as aspiring Children’s Picture Book artists.

Will had already published several eBooks and an App. Using a new software plugin for Photoshop called Kwik (Which I also have…awesome!) Will has just released his latest App called “Gary’s Place“. I downloaded it from the App Store and here is my short review.

The first thing I noticed about “Gary’s Place” is the great artwork. Will Terry has a certain style that makes him stand out from the picture book crowd as an artist. I love his paintings. Great lighting, lots of detail, strong composition and pleasing colors. As an artist myself I notice these things. Overall….to most people “Gary’s Place” looks very pleasing to the eye.
The story, written by Rick Walton is a cute, well crafted story. A good story coupled with Will’s illustrations results in a App storybook that is easy to look at and fun to read. Gary’s Place loaded quickly on my new iPad Air and worked smoothly. As an App would-be- designer myself this is a very important feature. There are lots of not so well done…bloated Apps out there but Gary’s Place is not one of those Apps. The story seems paced well (Rick Walton is already a proven author in the Children’s Picture Book genre) and the well done illustrations and simple animations help enhance the story. One thing I noticed was how each illustration had enough detail in it to make me believe I was say, looking at a bedroom.
Overall I feel that Gary’s Place hits all the check boxes for its intended target audience. I liked the App as a grown adult male so I’m sure kids will love this story. Check it out in the Apple App Store here.
I better get to work on my own story App. I’m looking forward to Will Terry’s next App project!


  1. This looks so cool! What attracted you to this app? Do you know anything about Anime Studio? I have that, but have heard the Magna (sp?) is even better, but this looks even better…I have PS 3 and possibly PS 6 if I can get it activated, but let me know what you like about this.

  2. Just found out yesterday, pretty sure I can get PS 6…

  3. admin says:

    Go with Photoshop 6 if you can. Much more versatile then many other programs. For animation I use Toonboom products.

  4. I should have asked you first about this, but I got the go ahead to use 6 so that’s a start. Thanks.

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    Gary’s Place: A New App from Will Terry

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