I’m Still Hard at Work!

I’ve been neglecting this site for a while. I’m hoping to update the site with the start of the new year. It really has been a good year for me in terms of growth. While at times it feels like I have been making little progress, my art skills seem to be improving. Here is a sampling of some of the art I’ve been making this year. Its a mix of traditional watercolors and digital.

Thank you all for your support this past year and Cheers to the new, upcoming year!







Ode to Star Wars

As we all get more excited at the prospect of the new Star Wars movie I decided to create a scene. The painting measures approx. 11 in x 22 in. and was created using watercolors, gouache, and a little ink.


Retro Bot

I was inspired the other day to paint a robot. This is the result. Done with watercolors, gouache, ink, and colored pencil.


SVS Critique

This is a piece that I recently entered into the Third Thursday critique contest that is hosted by www.svslearn.com. Lee White, a talented artist from Portland Oregon critiqued my piece. You can see a sample of Lee’s work here. Pictured in this post is the revised work based on Lee’s suggestions. Thank you Lee!

The task was to illustrate any part of the Jack and the Bean Stalk story. I created my piece using both traditional and digital tools. The base painting was done using watercolors on Arches board. That was scanned into the computer and then adjustments and other elements were added digitally. I’m pretty happy with the final, revised image.

Revised painting from the Jack and the Bean Stalk story.

Revised painting from the Jack and the Bean Stalk story.

Small Oil Paintings

I completed 3 small 9×12 in. oil paintings this week. I have been watching the video lessons created by Richard Robinson. I find his methods easy to follow. I like oil painting but it is much messier when creating and you have to be patient and allow the paintings to dry. Sometimes this takes weeks. I use M. Graham Oils and they are fantastic to work with!

Small oil painting

Small oil painting

Small Oil Painting

Small Oil Painting

Small Oil Painting

Small Oil Painting

The Value of a Critique

I was fortunate enough to have my piece “Amanda’s Surprise” critiqued by the fine group of artists (Jake Parker, Will Terry, and Lee White) found at SVS Learn Third Thursday. While they had many favorable comments they also had a lot of constructive critique as well. Thanks guys!! I reworked the image using all those suggestions…well not the gun but it was a nice thought Jake.

Here are the changes:

1. Added volume to the girl’s hair.

2. Shortened her left forearm.

3. Fixed her stance.

4. Added some additional light to the inside of the room.

5. Switched up the position of the bugs to add some interesting variance to the composition.

6. Darkened the table, chair and the bugs.

Compare the reworked image to the one I submitted. While I didn’t win the “prize” I was pleased to get a critique no the less. Three other worthy images were selected as the winners. Check them out at www.svslearn.com

Reworked art after critique

Reworked art after critique


Another Challenge

So if you haven’t checked out the “Third Thursday Critiques” offered by the fine folks at www.svslearn.com do it now! I’ve purchased many of Will Terry and Jake Parker’s tutorials and they are well worth the money.

Another “Third Thursday” is approaching and the assignment was to create an illustration for the prompt “Amanda was so excited for her first day at the cottage until…”

This is a digital painting I completed this week for entry. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a “solid” drawing as the foundation for the painting. I re-worked this drawing several times. Perspective is such a tricky thing to master. I’ve got a lot of work to do!


Digital Technique

My goal for the summer is to really begin to refine and zero in on a digital technique that feels right for me. I love the look of traditional gouache paintings like those of Mary Blair and Drake Brodahl.

My wife loves Orcas so I made this painting for her.whalesweb

Martin’s Surprise


This was a painting I did for a critique offered by www.svslearn.com. I had originally used a different character and the painting was done in black/white. Although I didn’t end up getting a critique I did go back and color the painting and changing the main character to the Trex.

Multimedia Watercolor

Sunset_kidsThis painting started life as a traditional watercolor. It seemed to need more punch. I ended up adding pen/ink, gouache, and colored pencils. If a painting isn’t working as-is try using some additional materials to bring it to life.


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